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Privileged Shoes by J.C. Dossier

In 2009, J. C Dossier introduced Privileged to the world of women’s fashion footwear.

Jennifer Chou’s collection is anything but ordinary. Steering away from the “NORM” and thriving on being different and bold by using vibrant colors, prints, and eccentrically fierce designs. Privileged caters to the independent, aggressive, and edgy woman inspired by the lady rock stars of this era. We are shoe rebels. We believe every girl should have the privilege to be who she wants to be.

Privileged girls are fierce fashion warriors; never afraid to lead the way with jaw-dropping styles, leaving everyone in “AWE”. Her style matches her adventurous personality. She’s a trendsetter; always one step ahead of the game. She inspires.

“Whether people love it or hate it, be you!” – Privileged