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Store Locations

Better known as Eilatan Shoes in Souther California.  Eilatan Shoes are the current retail stores representing Tiltedsole.com.  With three locations around LA and OC, you won't have to go far in Socal to find your perfect match!

Eilatan Newport
1835 Newport Blvd Suite D152
Costa Mesa, Ca, 92626
Phone: 949-642-0081   Fax: 949-642-0091

Eilatan Beverly Center
8500 Beverly Blvd Suite 692
Los Angeles, CA, 90048
Phone: 310-289-5106    Fax: 310-289-5107
Eilatan Irvine Spectrum
71 Fortune Drive Suite 834
Irvine, CA, 92618
Phone: 949-453-1222    Fax: 949-453-0079