Collection: Peacock Creativo

These hats are hand-selected for their utility, style, quality, and elegance.  The hats are made in Colombia by the world-famous artisans who carry the centuries-old tradition of making hats.  Colombian-made Panama hats are famous world-over for their quality and style.  Each hat is then hand-painted by the world-renowned Colombian painter Dr. Bedoya.  Each one of these hats is a unique piece of art and there is no other like it.  These are sure to become a collector's item.
The unique blend of quality of hat combined with the hand-painted art allows you to show your personal blend of taste and elegance.
If you do not see your size, please let us know and we can request to have it painted.  We also welcome your requests for particular paintings or paint schemes.
The hats come with a beautiful carrying case and the care instructions.
*This product may contain traces of paint due to the nature of the hand-painting of hats.